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IHI Call Days
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The IHI Call Days

The IHI Call Days featured info sessions on all call topics as well as our rules and procedures and (for single-stage calls) the financial aspects of the proposal. For IHI call 7, we also ran pitching sessions to allow applicants to showcase themselves (and where relevant their consortium) as potential project coordinators or partners.

IHI calls 6 and 7 - find partners for your consortium via the IHI Call Days platform

The IHI Call Days platform is a great place to start your search for potential partners for your consortium. All you have to do is register, create your profile and start looking for and contacting potential partners who are interested in the same topic(s) as you. You can also meet via the platform! More guidance on using the matchmaking part of the platform can be found here. The platform will remain open for new registrations and networking until the call deadlines. 

Catch up on the info and pitching sessions on calls 6 and 7

The recordings and presentations of all info and pitching sessions are now available online on the IHI website. IHI Call Days participants can also view the sessions here by logging in and going to the relevant sessions in the agenda.

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